• To deliver our partners exceptional returns by formulating the “Future Market Wants” strategy through looking beyond and understand the future trend to create / extract value;
  • To offer diversification in real estate asset classes including residential, hotel, apartments, private estates, land subdivisions, commercial, mixed use and specialty assets;
  • To collaborate within the family, and with other families and institutions.
  • To offer geographic diversification where real estate is with solid and liquid value, large and growing population and / or highly sought after.

Buy Smart

Add Value

High Return

  • 30 years’ experience in real estate with thorough understanding of the macro and micro economy, culture environment.
  • Propriety access to off-market deals with solid knowledge of the local markets and people.
  • Veteran deal underwriting and execution experience
  • Flexible structure to tailor partners’ requirement
  • Broad access to onshore and offshore bank financing with different and creative ideas.
  • Cost effective structuring
  • Efficient Financing
  • Value addition via permitting, 
    Sub-division, additions and alterations,
  • Timely exit strategy
  • Strong track record on timely entry and profitably exiting IRR and equity multiples driven 
  • Synchronize in-house marketing, properties and asset management team 
  • Exceptional negotiation skill to close deals and execution


We acquire and transform underutilized properties to meet new space and markets, current and future needs arising from re-urbanization, technological advances and changing consumer demand.

The Euro Properties team adheres to measured and specific investment criteria when sourcing development and investment opportunities.


  • Generally range from USD$50M to USD$500M on asset basis depending on the expected  gross, net, cash on cash return profiles, gearing ratios.


  • procuring strategically-located properties in highly sought after correction
  • uncovering value-add possibility.

Property Types


  • Residential / conversions and  developments
  • Commercial offices
  • Hotels
  • Retail malls
  • Mixed use
  • Land subdivisions


Geographic Regions (operated in)


    • Singapore
    • Hong Kong
    • US
    • UK
    • Australia
    • Europe
    • Saipan


Investment Structures

Compliant, Efficient & Flexible


  • Tailor-made portfolio of assets based on group strategy
  • Efficient structure for investment partners
  • Opportunities for larger scale capital raising

JV Structure

  • Timely establishment
  • Simple and Speedy structure
  • Flexible exit strategy