About Us

Euro Properties is the international property investment arm of its Hong Kong-based parent company, Euro Group of Companies.

Since 1988, Euro Properties has been active in investing and developing in the global property market.

The company specialises in the sourcing, acquiring, obtaining planning approval, re-positioning, converting, developing, marketing and managing of prime commercial, retail, land, hospitality, and luxury residential projects.

An experienced team of property, economic and financial specialists, Euro Properties’ investment team focuses on gateway cities such as Singapore, Hong Kong, New York, London and Sydney as part of its acquisition, investment, and development strategies.

Specialising in adding strategic value to under-utilised real estate assets through redesign and re-positioning, the company has seized opportunities presented in the different real estate markets to achieve significant results in property investments and development projects.

The company’s returns have ranged from 3x on repositioning projects to 11x on luxury property developments. Through the use of effective strategies such as a focus on opportunistic and timing of market entry, focusing on outstanding assets class and locations, buying special situations, supported by carefully assembled professional local expertise and quality of execution, this has resulted in successful investments and significant returns to our investors.

We span globally

Euro Properties’ investment team focuses on gateway cities as part of its acquisition, investment, and development strategies.


Hong Kong

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Our History

With an investment portfolio valued over a billion dollars, Euro Properties has successfully invested, developed and operated properties across a range of sectors including residential development, commercial offices, land subdivisions, retail malls, shop houses and hotels and other speciality assets.

Euro Properties was created to deliver this operational value-add execution to a diversified investor and client base. We brand ourselves as “Core-Plus” rather than just pure “Core” investment asset  manager.

With every property acquired, regardless of size or location, Euro Properties seeks to add as much long-term value to the project as possible through working with the best team of local professionals in planning, architecture and design, community engagement and sales and marketing. 

We celebrate three decades of growth and record breaking achievements in our industry.

Our corporate milestones include:

Year 2020

Exited one of the most high-profile projects of the group, Channel Nine residential development site in Sydney

Year 2016

Raised the second real estate fund to invest in the United Kingdom after BREXIT referendum

Year 2016

Establishing an investment team in Saipan after the Commonwealth Northern Mariana Islands legalized gambling, anticipating the flood of money and people rushing to the islands to build casino

Year 2015

Expanded into the Australia market after commodity crash focusing on the short-term weakened residential market

Year 2012

Raised the first real estate fund to invest in United State focusing on distress asset of the Global Financial Crisis

Year 2003

Undertook the first ground-up luxury residential development in Singapore

Year 1995

Expanded businesses to other major cities in Asia, namely Tokyo, Beijing, Shanghai, Singapore and Kuala Lumpur

Year 1991

Relocated headquarter and expanded the business to Hong Kong

Year 1988

The Euro Group founder, Neo Que Yau invested his first real estate in Singapore, determined to refurbish a run-down residential property