Euro Properties has been active in the property market for over 25 years through its suite of related companies. The firm specializes in the investment, development and marketing of prime residential and mixed-use projects with a focus on exceptional design and first-class execution.

A boutique real estate company, Euro Properties retains extensive global networks that enables its experienced, international team to effectively source, market and develop projects worldwide.

The Euro Properties team adheres to measured and high-caliber criteria when sourcing development and investment opportunities. This includes procuring strategically-located properties in proximity to schools, transportation and amenities; examining market price arbitrage; strategizing around ideal market entry timing, and uncovering value-add opportunities with untapped potential.

We view each enterprise as an opportunity to create something special, and we consistently remain attuned to the finest details of a bespoke product. We strive for creativity, innovation and distinction among our residential real estate developments, each inspired by art and culture from around the world. Our observations, dedication and diligence result in homes that inspire a refined, contemporary and full lifestyle.

Our Values

Customised property developments


We seek to customize and tailor all of our projects to unique markets or client needs. We view each project as an opportunity to create something special and we are attuned to the finest details of a bespoke product.
Comfortable interior spaces


Equally important are the interior space planning and gracious layout designs that reflect the true comforts of a home. Personalized services, amenities and resident programming are carefully considered alongside other ways for us to cater to our end-users and enhance their living experience.
Prime location


We select prime locations for our developments because access and convenience are important to us and our clients. Our projects are located in some of the most sought-after neighborhoods in the US, Asia and Europe.
Cultured property developments


We are inspired by art and culture from around the world. With our roots in Asia, we also draw upon sensibilities from the region to bring fresh perspective to each of our developments.
Creative real estate


We strive for creativity and to challenge the status quo in residential real estate. In creating truly distinctive features for our developments, we seek to innovative and to discover what has not been done before.